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Clipper Ship

Words and music by Kevin Alan Stewart   
Copyright 1993 Stewie Toon Tunes (ASCAP)
Produced by Kevin Stewart and Better Angel

Download MP3 (Apx. 3.2 MB)     Liner notes 

Clipper Ship

Love, have we ever really tried before,
Or were our feet planted safely on the shore?
Tried waiting as the tide would bring
Notes in glass bottles we'd throw back to the sea
Wait with too little faith to venture out
Beyond the horizon with sails filled full of doubt

And then my heart becomes a CLIPPER SHIP
On this ocean of emotion,
Hands tuggin' at the riggin'
Trim the sails so full of feelin'
Sailing for the islands of your love

Clear, love that's been denied by fear
Hidden by the waves that now whisper in my ear
Hear Sirens calling to the land
Ignore the bones of those gone before washed up on the sand

Smooth water, cool fair breeze,
Not a thought of failing
Strong timber, bleached canvas,
Soon I will be sailing

And my heart becomes a CLIPPER SHIP
on this ocean of emotion
Hands tuggin' at the riggin'
Trim the sails so full of feelin'
Sailing for the islands of your love
Sailing for the islands of your love
Have we ever really tried before?

Above art work by Kim Weaver    

Liner notes

Clipper Ship was recorded at Peralandra Studios in Nashville in 1992 and was originally part of the Stewart Tussing "Motions of Love" collection.  Garret Hestla was engineering.

Gary Tussing is playing the cello and you can hear evidence of his too-much-time-at-Dunedin in the song's intro (what tourist is feeding those stupid sea pigeons anyway?).  Pete Huttlinger is playing the solo acoustic guitar and is responsible for the beautiful signature melody in the intro and bridge. John Ownby (dammit) is on the bass.  Steve Willets is playing the keyboard and Tom Nordin is on percussion.  Kevin Stewart is playing acoustic guitar and doing vocals.  This is the original Red Hat band.


"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.  There's also a negative side."                        --Hunter S. Thompson
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